It turns out that it’s not only the Authorised Treatment Facilities of the world that are involved with car scrapping. A number of international creatives have been contributing, somewhat unconventionally, to the artistic landscape, by recycling old cars into dramatic works of art. Whilst this is not a new phenomenon, with Amarillo’s famous Cadillac Ranch having been around since the early 1970s, newer artists are also getting involved, pushing the boundaries of modern art forever.

Cadillac Ranch

Created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, part of the art group ‘Ant Farm,’ Cadillac Ranch is a vivid public art installation and sculpture, set against the backdrop of the arid Texan desert in Amarillo. Consisting of a number of upturned junk Cadillac cars, the artwork represents the evolution of the brand’s design. It’s a real must-see on Route 66 if you’re a fan of scrap cars and stunning artwork.

Sci-fi film star sculptures

More recently in 2013, an artist in the Far East has also been getting involved with car scrap creativity. BMWs, Mercs, Nissans, Hondas, Toyotas and Isuzus are the cars of choice for Bangkok-based Mai Sudjai, who collects carburettors, chains, exhaust pipes and more from this range of scrap cars, to convert them into iconic sci-fi characters. These imposing metal sculptures started off as a hobby for the Thai artist, but now form the basis of his lucrative business, with his creations selling for as much as £5,000 a piece.

Metal works down under

Australian artist James Corbett has also been making stunning sculptures out of scrap car parts, which he salvages from various scrapyards. His pieces command high prices, with a ram, made from many spark plugs, reaching a staggering £14,000. The artist meticulously cleans and welds gears, radiators, spark plugs, exhausts, etc. together in order to make these arresting pieces.

Corbett cites his inspiration: “I was working at a wrecking yard and a guy I know who races in stock cars showed me a trophy he had won that was made of car gear sticks. I looked at it and thought that I could do a much better job so began making my own sculptures”

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