Easy Guide to Make Money Scrapping Your Car

Many people want to know more about money paid for scrap cars but aren’t sure what’s involved or how to get a good price for their old vehicle. Around one million cars are scrapped in the UK every year, and it’s often the best option if you’ve written off your car or repairs have become too expensive. If you’re looking for quick and easy answers to all your car scrapping questions, read on. […]

What happens to scrap cars?

Over a million vehicles get scrapped every year, but what happens to scrap cars? Many vehicle owners are turning to this solution when their car has been written off, or the costs of running it are just too great to keep paying for repairs. It’s the ideal way to get paid money for your scrap car without the hassle of trying to find a buyer, especially if it’s not roadworthy. Here’s what happens when you use reputable car scrap services. Transferring to a Licensed ATF If you’re using a reputable car scrap dealer, they’ll transfer the vehicle to a licensed [...]

How Much Is Your Scrap Car Worth?

Many people still don’t realise that scrapping your car can make you money. It’s a great solution if your car has been written off or the repairs outweigh the cost of the vehicle. You could then put the cash towards buying a new car or something else you want. To get the best price for scrap vehicles, you’ll need to use a reputable, licensed company with no hidden costs in their quote. But how much can you get for your car? Here are some of the factors involved which could affect the price offered. […]

How to Get the Best Price for Scrapping Your Car

There are many reasons which lead people to scrap their cars. Perhaps it’s been written off after an accident, or you’re getting rid of an old car now that it’s become too expensive to run. When scrapping your car, you’ll want to get the best price possible. Here are a few expert tips to follow. Research Local Car Scrap Companies Search for car scrap companies in your local area to find ones recommended online. Can you find any recommendations from others about which companies are the most reputable? A professional, serious company will only use an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility), [...]

Has Your Car Been Written Off? Here’s What You Need to Do Next

Vehicles are written off for a variety of reasons, whether they’re unsafe to drive due to damage sustained during an accident, or it’s not economical to have the car repaired. This will often be declared a 'write-off' after an assessment with a reputable garage in your area followed by a call with your insurance provider. There doesn’t even need to be serious damage to deem the vehicle a write off if the repairs are worth more than the vehicle itself. If this has happened to you, it can be hard knowing what the next stages are. Here are some expert [...]

How Car Scrap Services in Surrey Can Help the Environment

Over the last two years, reports of over 260,000 abandoned vehicles have been recorded around the UK which is costing taxpayers money, as well as causing environmental issues. Luckily, licensed car scrapping specialists are offering solutions which not only encourage people to use their services rather than dump vehicles at roadside but help to protect the environment too. Here’s why vehicle scrapping experts such as Car Scrap Surrey are unsung environmental heroes. Why Are People Dumping Their Cars? In the last few years, the scrapping industry has dramatically changed, with less money being offered for scrap metal due to the [...]