What is a V5 logbook, and why do I need one?

Why is a V5 document so important in the car scrapping process, and why do you need to bring it with you when you scrap your car? Your V5 or V5C logbook or car registration document details a car’s registered owner, their address and some important facts about the vehicle. This includes the car’s make, model, colour, registration, and when it was first registered with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). This is a key item of documentation that is needed when you are selling or scrapping your car. The DVLA must have the name and up-to-date details of [...]

Our guide to scrapping electric cars

Would you like to scrap or recycle your electric car? Maybe you would like to upgrade your hybrid vehicle and are wondering about the best next steps. Or perhaps your electric car has been damaged in an accident and is no longer roadworthy? Whatever your situation, there is a growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads, so it is natural that this question is coming up more frequently as they make their way to scrap car yards and vehicle dismantlers. When it comes to electric car scrapping, it is essential that you seek the support of scrap [...]

Can You Keep Parts when Scrapping Your Vehicle?

If your car has been written off, you may be thinking about how to raise some cash to help with the purchase of a new vehicle or what the next steps should be. One of the questions we often get is whether you can keep parts when deciding to scrap your vehicle. Here are some considerations to think about before making any hasty decisions. […]

How to Tell the DVLA You’ve Scrapped Your Car

Getting your head around some of the rules regarding car scrap laws can be challenging, which is why it’s so important to use a licensed scrap dealer. They’ll ensure your vehicle is scrapped rather than being sold on, using techniques that are approved by the Environment Agency. While you may think your responsibilities have finished once you’ve received your Certificate of Destruction, you mustn’t forget to inform the DVLA. Here’s everything you need to know. […]

The Law on Scrap Vehicles – Can You Scrap Your Car for Cash?

Many people look online for ways to scrap their car for cash, but did you know there were some significant changes to the law in 2013 which affects how you can accept payment for your vehicle? It’s a good idea to understand more about what you can and can’t do so that you avoid hefty fines and car scrap scams. Here’s everything you need to know. […]