Everything You Need to Know About Car Scrapping

Car Scrapping in Surrey At Car Scrap Surrey, we've been scrapping and recovering vehicles for over three decades, so we know absolutely everything about the industry. That's why we'd like to set the record straight on vehicle scrapping, so you'll know exactly what to expect from the moment you realise your car's joy-riding days are over. Car scrapping can earn you money One of the main reasons so many people leave their unwanted cars to rust and rot is because they think it would cost a fortune to get rid of them. Well, guess what? Not only is [...]

Quotations: How Car Scrap Surrey is Different to its Competitors

Scrap car collection Surrey When it comes to scrapping your car, you’ll want to ensure that the cash you receive is exactly what you’ve been quoted over the phone. Unfortunately, some less reputable scrap yards will give you a different amount to what you were originally told. At Car Scrap Surrey, however, we’re pleased to tell our customers that we’ll always honour what we’ve originally quoted – guaranteeing you a completely hassle free experience with us. Be in the know: Quotes from Car Scrap Surrey We’ll pay up to £150 in cash for any family-sized vehicle within a [...]

What is the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013?

The Car Scrap Surrey Guide to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 From October 2013, an Act to amend the law relating to scrap metal dealers came into effect. The Act requires those in the scrap metal trade to obtain a new, specific licence. We at Car Scrap Surrey have applied for ours! That’s why we thought we’d explore this important Act in a little more detail. Who does the Act affect? The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 affects those in the scrap metal or vehicle dismantling industries. As a premier car scrapping company, that’s clearly why it applied to [...]

Car Scrapping in Popular Culture

When it comes to car scrapping, you may be surprised to hear how frequently it features in popular culture. Indeed, what may initially appear as a fairly unglamorous and rudimentary necessity, car disposal is in fact referenced in more films, television shows and songs than you may expect. Film: Car scrapping on the silver screen It’s been claimed that car crushers are frequently used in the cinema as devices of humour, or, somewhat conversely, to dispose of criminal evidence, and even to facilitate murder! (Which, needless to say, we frown upon here at Car Scrap Surrey!) Perhaps it’s due to [...]

Keep Your Personalised Registration Number When Vehicle Scrapping

. That’s why today, Car Scrap Surrey is offering a few handy tips for doing so. How to retain or transfer your personalised registration According to gov.uk, there are a few things you’ll need to take care of in order to ensure the retention or transfer of your vehicle’s personalised registration number: You will need to obtain a V317 form from the DVLA. You can do so, here. On the V317 form, you will need to fill out various details regarding the vehicle in question, including: its registration number, make, model, and tax disc serial number etc. To transfer the [...]

How Much is My Scrap Metal Worth?

Want to earn some extra cash? Selling scrap metal to an appropriate dealership is a great way of doing so. It can even be a lucrative enterprise if you go about the process properly. In order to help you along the way, Car Scrap Surrey is offering some handy hints and tips that will help you determine how much your scrap metal is worth, as well as get the best rates for your scrap. What will you spend the earnings on? A rough guide to scrap metal prices Prices for scrap metal depend on many variables, including the type of [...]

10 Reasons to Scrap Your Vehicle

Thinking about scrapping your car? There are a number of reasons to dispense with your vehicle through a reputable scrapyard, and today, Car Scrap Surrey is counting down the top 10! You’re interested in car scrapping because… Your vehicle is out-dated. You’ve fallen out of love with your old banger, which now sees more time gathering dust and dirt on your driveway than on the open road. You want a shiny new vehicle. It’s time to upgrade and enjoy the mod cons of a contemporary car, (as well as some envious looks from your neighbours!) Your car has been written [...]

How to Get a Car Tax Refund When Scrapping Your Car

Planning on scrapping your vehicle? You may be able to claim a car tax refund. So, check out this helpful, tried-and-tested advice that we’ve been given by gov.uk and obtain yours! Six steps to claiming your car tax refund Get a V14 form. You can do this here. Check you’re entitled to a refund. You’ll be able to determine this by reading the small print at the beginning of the V14 form in section one. These conditions state, for example, that you’re the current or last registered vehicle keeper, and that you’re scrapping the end of life vehicle (ELV) in [...]

The Benefits of Replacing Your Car with a Newer Model

Scrap your old car and buy a new one! If you’re considering scrapping your old vehicle and replacing it with a newer model, there are a number of benefits to be gained. #1. Financial reward There are many financial incentives to scrap your old car. Reputable ATFs like Car Scrap Surrey offer competitive rates for End of Life Vehicles, and guarantee at least £100* for any family-sized car. There are also occasional governmental schemes that offer people even higher sums, such as the scrappage scheme of 2009-2010, which offered £1,000 per vehicle scrapped. As this scheme has now [...]

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