Vehicles are written off for a variety of reasons, whether they’re unsafe to drive due to damage sustained during an accident, or it’s not economical to have the car repaired. This will often be declared a ‘write-off’ after an assessment with a reputable garage in your area followed by a call with your insurance provider. There doesn’t even need to be serious damage to deem the vehicle a write off if the repairs are worth more than the vehicle itself. If this has happened to you, it can be hard knowing what the next stages are. Here are some expert tips for taking action.

Call Your Insurance Company

First, speak to your insurance provider, giving them details and supplying any evidence they require. They’ll let you know if you’re eligible for a pay-out based on the damage sustained and your current car value. Cars which have been written off will usually fall into one of four categories which not only focus on the cost of repairs but on any structural damage which affects the car’s safety.

Write Off Categories

The most serious categories are A (scrap only) and B where most of the vehicle should be scrapped, but some parts can be sold on for safe reuse. Category S is where structural damage has occurred, but repairs are greater than the car value. Category N is similar, but the repairs required are just cosmetic. If you’re still paying for your car via a finance plan, speak to the company you’re with to see if they can offer solutions.

What to Do Next

The next step you take will be based on the write off category your car has fallen in to. For categories S and N, you can repair the damage and sell the car on, but those in category S (where structural damage has been sustained) must inform the DVLA as soon as its categorised for further instructions. Category B cars will need to be crushed, but some of the parts can be salvaged if they can be serviced and safely used again. You should inform the DVLA that your vehicle is off the road while this happens.

Get Cash for Your Scrap Car

If your vehicle has been categorised as needing to be scrapped (A or B), you can still get cash for your car despite not being able to sell it on as roadworthy. Look for a reputable car scrap company in your local area who will pick up your vehicle for free, providing you with cash for your car and a valid destruction notice. By law, they must scrap your car at an authorised treatment facility (ATF) which meets the right standards for environmentally friendly car scrapping. Again, you must inform the DVLA that your car has been scrapped or you could face a fine.

Want to scrap your car?

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