A Look at the Scrapping Industry in 2014


Recycling roughly 13 million tonnes of metal every year, the UK’s scrapping industry is leading the way in the British green revolution. At Car Scrap Surrey, we’re proud to be a part of something that’s making such an impact on the environment, and we’re delighted to report that the future for the scrapping industry is certainly bright for the remainder of 2014 and beyond, both in terms of industry regulations and economic forecast.

A better regulated industry

Effective from 1 October 2013, with a grace period until 1 December 2013, serious changes were made to British scrapping legislation, requiring all metal scrap dealers to be fully licensed in order to purchase junk metal or used vehicles. This was an all-important step towards stopping unregulated metal dealing and metal theft, which costs the UK around £220 million each year.

As a fully licensed and authorised scrapping and car recovery dealer, at Car Scrap Surrey, we fully endorse this important legislation; already, it has lessened the impact of metal theft and helped protect customers from rogue traders who can’t provide a valid destruction notice to prove that they’re no longer owners of their scrapped vehicles.

Lots more scope for export and growth

As the world economy is looking up, so too is the economic forecast for the scrapping industry. Now that economies are restabilising and experiencing growth once again, there is an increased global demand for scrap metal. Right here in the UK, we export scrap metal to countries like China, Brazil and India; this means their reinvigorated construction and manufacturing industries are now in need of more scrap metal from UK scrapping companies.

With the worldwide demand for scrap metal set to increase by 3.3 per cent (up to 1.52 billion tonnes) over the course of this year, 2014 promises a much greater scope for higher exports of the UK’s recycled metal, and increased growth for the industry all around.

Power to the green revolution

So far this year, we’ve seen a continued awareness of the need to help the environment and lessen our carbon footprints however we can. The green movement is definitely going strong, so let’s keep up that momentum for the rest of 2014!

Clearing through any old clutter in your home is the best way to start; whether you’ve got old washers and dryers lying around, a rusty old jalopy you never managed to get rid of, or just a load of empty beer cans that have built up over time, most of us could stand to benefit from a good clear-out. Simply contact us at Car Scrap Surrey and we’ll be more than happy to come straight over and collect your old metal junk, paying you a fair price for all your scrap.

How Metal and Car Scrapping Benefits the Environment

Cash paid for scrap metal in SurreyMost of us already know that one of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash is by scrapping your old bangers or any junk metal lying around your home—but did you know that metal and car scrapping is actually one of the best ways to do your part for the environment, too?

Don’t forget your home environment

Firstly, trustworthy scrapping services help keep your immediate environment clean and safe; having rusty metals lying about can be dangerous for children, and old car batteries in particular must be disposed of safely to ensure a healthy home environment.

Why vehicle scrapping is essential

That being said, at Car Scrap Surrey, we’ve been providing vehicle and metal scrapping services for over 30 years, so we know that having us recycle your unwanted cars and metals goes a lot further than keeping your home clean.

When it comes to disposing of unused vehicles, there are many components to consider in terms of protecting the environment—there are car parts, oil and fluids, and the battery to think of. Throwing these into ditches or landfills only adds to pollution and is extremely damaging to the ecosystem. On the other hand, having a car scrapping service collect your unwanted vehicles for safe recycling ensures that every component of your car will either be recycled or disposed of safely, without harming the environment.

Lowering the world’s carbon footprint

Importantly, scrapping old junk metal or broken down vehicles also helps reduce the levels of energy consumption in the manufacturing industry, as there is consequently less of a need to produce metal from raw materials. This also lowers pollution levels related to the mining of metal deposits, as a result.

Not only does this make a difference in the UK, but with global manufacturing hubs like China importing recycled metal from the UK to cut their demand for raw materials as well, deciding to scrap your metal junk can even help reduce the manufacturing industry’s carbon footprint around the world.

Conserve non-renewable resources

Having a responsible metal scrapping service recycle your unused metals also helps protect one of the Earth’s most valuable resources. Many of us forget that metal deposits are actually a non-renewable resource, so recycling your metal (especially large items like old appliances and vehicles) goes a long way towards helping sustain this resource for generations to come.

Scrapping is the simplest solution!

As for the convenience of scrapping and recycling your metals, calling a reliable car scrapping service like Car Scrap Surrey that will come straight to your door and pay you up to £150 for your unwanted metals or vehicle is much quicker and easier than lugging all your metals to a landfill.

If you’d like to learn more on Car Scrap Surrey’s safe and convenient vehicle and metal scrapping services, contact us today.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Scrapping

Car Scrapping in Surrey with Car Scrap Surrey
Car Scrapping in Surrey

At Car Scrap Surrey, we’ve been scrapping and recovering vehicles for over three decades, so we know absolutely everything about the industry. That’s why we’d like to set the record straight on vehicle scrapping, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from the moment you realise your car’s joy-riding days are over.

Car scrapping can earn you money

One of the main reasons so many people leave their unwanted cars to rust and rot is because they think it would cost a fortune to get rid of them. Well, guess what? Not only is it absolutely free to have your old jalopy collected by us, but you can actually get paid up to £150 for your unused vehicle. Car Scrap Surrey simply pays you directly for your car and even absorb the cost of removing your tyres and glass, and extracting fuel. All we need is proof of ownership and you can be walking away with cash within minutes.

What to watch out for

Car scrappers purchase unwanted vehicles so that the metal parts can be safely recycled and reused. However, it’s critical that you go to a trustworthy vehicle scrapping service who will deliver a valid Certification of Destruction (CoD); otherwise, you run the risk of having your vehicle or its parts on the road illegally and YOU will be responsible. No matter what a service provider tells you, you should never have to accept a lower sum for your vehicle in exchange for a CoD. Just ensure that the authorised treatment facility receiving your vehicle is recognised and reliable.

How car scrapping benefits the environment

Scrapping your car isn’t just good for your pocket—it’s hugely beneficial for the environment as well. Disposing of an end-of-life vehicle in a landfill, throwing old tyres away in ditches, or pouring oil down the drain as toxic waste are all highly damaging to the environment and in many cases illegal and will carry fines and possibly a jail term too!.

Alternatively, recycling your vehicle by having it scrapped has been proven to reap rewards for the environment by reducing pollution and mining waste, saving energy and saving on raw materials in manufacturing.

However, the only way scrapping your decommissioned vehicle can benefit the environment is if you engage an authorised scrapping service such as ours that is equipped to properly recycle your vehicle and safely dispose of the associated pollutants.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

So there you have it: a bird’s-eye view of the car scrapping industry from start to finish.

All it takes is one quick call, and then your vehicle should be collected and paid for at a fair price; a CoD should be issued, and the service provider must then recycle your vehicle and safely dispose of any associated waste.

To ensure that each of these steps is completed to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind without any unnecessary hassle, contact us at Car Scrap Surrey any day, at any time.

5 Reasons to Scrap Your End of Life Vehicle with an ATF

If you’re considering having your unwanted vehicle scrapped in Surrey, there are a number of reasons to do so with an authorised treatment facility. And so today, Car Scrap Surrey is discussing the top 5 reasons to scrap that unwanted vehicle!


Where car scrapping could once in fact cost you money, today, it can have its financial incentives. Car Scrap Surrey, for example, offers up to £150 cash for every family-sized vehicle. And what’s more, choosing an ATF that offers free vehicle collection will mean you won’t even have to pay transportation fees.

Peace of mind

When you scrap your End of Life Vehicle with an ATF, you’ll be given the peace of mind to know that it won’t end up back on the road illegally. After dealing with a reputable scrapyard, you’ll be issued with a Certificate of Destruction, which proves you’re no longer responsible for the scrapped car.

Environmental friendliness

When you scrap your car with an authorised treatment facility, you’ll know that you’ve done your bit to protect the environment. Responsible car disposal saves on landfill space, minimises the leakage of hazardous materials, and protects natural resources.


Many ATFs work flexible hours, so that they can accommodate your timetable and work at your convenience. Car Scrap Surrey is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! So however busy your work schedule or social calendar may be, you’re sure to find a time that suits you.

Wide-ranging services

Authorised treatment facilities will be able to accommodate a range of vehicles. Whether you’re wishing to dispose of a car, a van, a three-wheeled motor vehicle, or something larger, a reliable ATF will know the correct protocol to ensure it is dismantled properly. In addition, you may well find that it also deals with other types of scrap metal, accommodating all your scrapping needs.

Car scrapping in Croydon

If you’re looking to benefit from your End of Life vehicle, get in touch with Car Scrap Surrey today. Perhaps you’ve just had your car scrapped? Let us know what you thought of the experience – join the conversation with us on Twitter today @CarScrapSurrey!

How to Scrap Your Vehicle

If you’ve decided it’s time to scrap your unwanted vehicle, and you’d like to know the best way of going about it, here’s what to do as recommended by the government:

1. Find an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

ATFs ensure that your car is professionally disposed of, and in accordance with environmental concerns.

2. Transport your vehicle to your chosen ATF

Make arrangements for your unwanted vehicle to be transported to the authorised treatment facility. Car Scrap Surrey even offers a complimentary collection service.

3. Get your Certificate of Destruction

If you need to scrap a car in Surrey, a light van, or a three-wheeled motor vehicle (excepting motor tricycles), you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction straightaway, or within 7 days. This CoD is proof that you’re no longer the owner of the vehicle. ATFs like Car Scrap Surrey will even let the DVLA know that you’re not responsible for it anymore.

Other vehicles

If you need to scrap another type of vehicle, you can still take it to an ATF, but in such cases, you won’t be issued with a CoD. The ATF will inform the DVLA, and the DVLA will then update the vehicle record to say your unwanted vehicle has been scrapped. It’s important to remember that you’ll also need to complete the V5C/3 ‘Notification of sale or transfer’ section of your V5C vehicle registration certificate, and send it to the DVLA. Once they’ve received this, you should get a letter within 4 weeks, which confirms that you’re no longer responsible for the scrapped vehicle.

Dismantling a vehicle yourself

If you have broken up a vehicle yourself, you’ll need to make a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), or continue to tax your vehicle. You’ll need to carry on doing this annually, until you take the vehicle to an ATF, and the DVLA is aware that it’s no longer your responsibility.

Car scrapping in Croydon

If you live in Wimbledon, Selsdon or further afield in Surrey and you have a vehicle that you’d like to have scrapped, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Car Scrap Surrey. As a registered authorised treatment facility, we guarantee that each vehicle we break up is done so professionally, and in an environmentally friendly manner.