Over a million vehicles get scrapped every year, but what happens to scrap cars? Many vehicle owners are turning to this solution when their car has been written off, or the costs of running it are just too great to keep paying for repairs. It’s the ideal way to get paid money for your scrap car without the hassle of trying to find a buyer, especially if it’s not roadworthy. Here’s what happens when you use reputable car scrap services.

Transferring to a Licensed ATF

If you’re using a reputable car scrap dealer, they’ll transfer the vehicle to a licensed ATF – an Authorised Treatment Facility. This means it’s been approved by the Environment Agency, ensuring the best practices are used when scrapping vehicles.

Removing Hazardous Components

Once your car has arrived, the first stage is to ensure pollutants are taken away. It involves removing hazardous components which could be harmful if they worked their way into the ground or air. Parts which contaminate the environment include fuel, oil and battery acid.

Recycling Parts

Next, recyclable and specialist parts are removed, such as rubber, glass and metal. This includes bulkier components of the vehicles, such as the tyres, windscreen and windows. These will be recycled and reused, saving the parts from landfill or incineration, which causes further harm to the environment.

Crushing the Car

Once no more specialist, hazardous or bulky parts need removal, the rest of the shell can be crushed down even more, making it easy to transport. This smaller cube or flattened metal carcass will be broken down again by a shredder. The metal fragments can then be recycled.

How to Scrap Your Car

If you’re thinking ‘how do I scrap my car?’, luckily, it’s incredibly easy. Once you’ve found a licensed car scrap expert (say hello to our team at Car Scrap Surrey!), you’ll need your vehicle registration to receive a quote.

If you accept our estimate, we’ll come out to you for free so that you avoid the hassle of having to transport the vehicle to us, even if it’s been written off. We’ll transfer the money directly into your bank account, taking your car away for legal disposal.

Has My Car Been Scrapped?

Once you receive a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) then you have proof that the car was scrapped. You can let the DVLA know your car has been scrapped simply by filling out some details online. Ensure you have your V5C logbook at hand for this. If you can’t find it, you’ll need to write to the DVLA to let them know your vehicle registration, the make and model, the date you handed over your vehicle and the car scrap company used (including the business name and address).

Get the Best Price for Your Scrap Car

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