In this week’s blog entry, we thought we’d tell you a little more about our company – Car Scrap Surrey. So, read on for the Who, the What, the When, the Where, the Why and the How! And remember, if you have any questions after you’ve had a read through, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team for more information.

WHO we are

Car Scrap Surrey is a reputable scrap dealership, which buys scrap metal from customers in London, as well as the surrounding areas.

WHAT we do

We provide a number of associated scrap services. From our cars for cash service, to our general unwanted metal collections, Car Scrap Surrey can be trusted to assist with a range of consumer scrap requirements. We also offer customers a professional vehicle recovery service.

WHEN we began

Car Scrap Surrey has built up over 30 years in the scrap metal industry, with our business being established in the early 1980s. Five years after offering customers our expert scrap metal services, we started vehicle recovery, too.

WHERE we do it

Car Scrap Surrey’s scrapyard is based on the Brighton Road in Croydon. However, as a scrapping centre, we typically frequent a wide range of locations in the county of Surrey and beyond.

WHY we do it

As a business, Car Scrap Surrey’s profits are made from buying, and responsibly recycling, consumers’ unwanted scrap metal. We can then sell these on for future use.

The scrapping industry offers participating parties a number of benefits, in that the scrapyard, our customers, and the people who buy the smelted metals can all take advantage of competitive rates.

In addition, the scrapping industry is great news for the environment, as recycling your scrap metals with reputable treatment facilities means that pollution is limited, natural resources are protected, and the chance of hazardous materials ending up in landfills is minimised.

HOW we do it

Car Scrap Surrey is known as an Authorised Treatment Facility or an ATF. This means we’re regarded as a reputable scrapyard that can be trusted to responsibly recycle all the scrap metals that are brought to us. So, when you sell your metals to Car Scrap Surrey, you can be confident that we’ll always offer you a fair price for your unwanted scrap, as well as recycling it in accordance with ever-relevant environmental concerns.

Get in touch

If you have scrap metal to dispose of, pay our Surrey scrapyard a visit today. We look forward to offering you competitive rates for your scrap, and to helping the environment together.