Car Recycling SurreyPlanning on scrapping your vehicle? You may be able to claim a car tax refund. So, check out this helpful, tried-and-tested advice that we’ve been given by and obtain yours!

Six steps to claiming your car tax refund

  • Get a V14 form. You can do this here.
  • Check you’re entitled to a refund. You’ll be able to determine this by reading the small print at the beginning of the V14 form in section one. These conditions state, for example, that you’re the current or last registered vehicle keeper, and that you’re scrapping the end of life vehicle (ELV) in question with an Authorised Treatment Facility.
  • Fill in your details on the V14 form exactly as they’re shown on your vehicle registration certificate – your V5C form.
  • Return the V14 form to the DVLA with your tax disc enclosed. It may also be helpful to take a photocopy of your tax disc, just in case it goes missing in the post.
  • Fill out a V33 form if you’re not in possession of your tax disc. You can get this by contacting DVLA customer enquiries on 0300 790 6802. Alternatively, you can obtain this form from a DVLA local office.
  • Be patient, and receive your refund within six weeks!

What do people think of the car tax refund process?

Have you recently received a car tax refund? Let us know about your experience via Twitter, Facebook or by getting in touch with the car recycling Surrey team directly.

Gavin Merville of Croydon said, “Sending off for a refund was quicker and easier than I expected. The forms were all online, so I didn’t need to visit the post office, and there wasn’t much to fill in. Now I’m waiting for a cheque of about £80!”

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