When carried out responsibly, the car scrapping industry offers the planet a number of environmental benefits.

In recent years, the Environmental Agency has been clamping down on unregistered scrapyards, and ensuring that more and more End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) are disposed of conscientiously by Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs).

In today’s post, Car Scrap Surrey is exploring the different ways in which scrapping your unwanted vehicle with a reputable company will minimise your carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener world.

Scrap Cars Protect Natural Resources

When you send your car to the appropriate company, the vehicle’s recyclable elements can be recovered and reused. Instead of product manufacturers needing to use raw materials at the expense of the environment, processed car scrap can be re-formed into new products.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, using recycled scrap metal in place of virgin iron ore can yield up to 90% savings in raw materials used. As well as this, it’s been suggested that every tonne of new steel made from scrap saves:

  • 1,115kg of iron
  • 625kg of coal
  • 53kg of limestone

Scrap Cars Cut Down on Pollution

When you scrap your ELV with the right scrapping company, you’ll help save on landfill space. By having parts of your car responsibly recycled and disposed of, you’ll do your bit to cut down on air and water pollution.

Scrap Cars Minimise Hazardous Materials

When you choose to scrap your car with a reputable scrapping service, you are doing your bit to help keep both water and the air cleaner. Recycled scrap can help remove potentially hazardous materials, and ensure that they’re kept out of landfills.

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