Want to earn some extra cash? Selling scrap metal to an appropriate dealership is a great way of doing so. It can even be a lucrative enterprise if you go about the process properly. In order to help you along the way, Car Scrap Surrey is offering some handy hints and tips that will help you determine how much your scrap metal is worth, as well as get the best rates for your scrap. What will you spend the earnings on?

A rough guide to scrap metal prices

Prices for scrap metal depend on many variables, including the type of metal, type of scrap metal dealers you sell to, and current market prices. Just like the stock market, scrap metal prices are subject to fluctuation, so it’s sometimes difficult to give definitive price listings. However, according to a scrap metal article on eHow, average ballpark figures for different types of metal as at the time of writing are stated at:

  • £920 – £960 per tonne for aluminium
  • £500 – £550 per tonne for zinc
  • £150 – £180 per tonne for steel
  • £145 per tonne for light iron

On MoneySavingExpert.com, a scrap metal seller said, “I scrapped a few things recently. I got £26 in total. I had some aluminium and some steel. I got £170 per tonne for the steel and £700 per tonne for the aluminium. Well worth the trip to the scrap yard I thought.”

Three tips for taking advantage of the best scrap metal prices:

  • Choose the dealers offering the most competitive prices. Call a range of scrap metal dealerships and compare prices.
  • Make sure transactions are transparent. Visit scrap dealerships and take a look at their scrap metal price charts.
  • If you’re scrapping a car, choose a reputable ATF like Car Scrap Surrey, who will absorb the price of having your vehicle delivered. We offer a free car collection service.

Car scrapping: Join the conversation

So, have you recently sold scrap metal to a scrap yard? Well, now’s a time it’s permissible to talk about money! How much did your metals garner? Let us know on Twitter, or on Facebook. You can also get in touch with the Car Scrap Surrey team directly to see how your proceeds compare to our competitive scrap rates.

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