Scrap your old car and buy a new one!

Scrap your old car and buy a new one!

If you’re considering scrapping your old vehicle and replacing it with a newer model, there are a number of benefits to be gained.

#1. Financial reward

There are many financial incentives to scrap your old car. Reputable ATFs like Car Scrap Surrey offer competitive rates for End of Life Vehicles, and guarantee at least £100* for any family-sized car. There are also occasional governmental schemes that offer people even higher sums, such as the scrappage scheme of 2009-2010, which offered £1,000 per vehicle scrapped. As this scheme has now ended the main way of getting money for your old car is via a reputable car scrap dealer such as Car Scrap Surrey. It’s also generally cheaper to run a new car, because they’re less likely to break down, and for the few years, will be under warranty from the dealership.

#2. An eco-friendly decision

With environmental sustainability an ever-relevant concern, it’s good to know you can do your bit to help the planet by investing in a newer car. Unlike models from days gone by, new vehicles are typically more fuel efficient, and newer technology helps to limit harmful emissions.

#3. A safer alternative

As safety laws become more rigorous, car manufacturers need to ensure that their vehicles meet a number of required standards. In this way, investing in a new vehicle means that you’ll benefit from improved levels of car safety, which will serve to protect both you and your passengers when on the road.

#4. Aesthetics

A newer vehicle is frequently going to be more visually appealing than an aging one. As renowned symbols of status, you’ll impress friends and family alike, whilst also feeling better than ever in your new car.

Out with the old and in with the new!

So, with so many sensible reasons to get rid of your old banger, don’t delay in contacting Car Scrap Surrey today. We can be trusted to take care of your old car, by responsibly disposing of it so it doesn’t end up back on the road. We’ll even give you cash in return that you’ll be able to put towards a sparkly new model!

*payment value correct as of 23/06/2013