The Car Scrap Surrey Guide to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

From October 2013, an Act to amend the law relating to scrap metal dealers came into effect. The Act requires those in the scrap metal trade to obtain a new, specific licence. We at Car Scrap Surrey have applied for ours! That’s why we thought we’d explore this important Act in a little more detail.

Who does the Act affect?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 affects those in the scrap metal or vehicle dismantling industries. As a premier car scrapping company, that’s clearly why it applied to us!Other scrap yards and collectors will need to ensure they apply for theirs, too.

What’s it all about?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 repeals the Scrap Metal Dealers ActScrap my car Surrey 1964, and Part 1 of the Vehicles (Crime) Act 2001.

It establishes a new licensing regime for the scrap metal dealing and vehicle dismantling industries.

The act has created two individual categories of licence:

  1. A site licence – allowing the holder to carry on business at any given authorised site.
  2. A collector’s licence – allowing the holder to carry out door-to-door collections.

When did the Act come into effect?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act came into effect as of October 2013.

Another key date to bear in mind is that from December 2013, it will be an offence to operate as a scrap metal dealer without the proper licence. You could face a fine as hefty at £5,000 without the appropriate licence. So make sure to get your admin in order.

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